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Affise is a platform where you can set up your offers and get paid conversions as a result. However, the features of Affise go far beyond the basic tracking setup.
Affise tools such as smartlinks, deeplinks, automation, anti-fraud tools, etc. help you optimize your performance and level up your offer settings. You can increase traffic and your earnings with the least effort from your side by using these particular tools.

Tracking optimization

Additional links for tracking conversions, impressions, and for parallel tracking allow you to diversify your traffic within one offer. With the additional links, you can promote several products or services, set a percentage of traffic for distribution, and get the maximum results for your offers.

Parallel tracking is perfect for you to keep your audience. The feature allows you to hide unnecessary redirects, and users click the banner to get right to the offer page. All of this results in a higher conversion rate.

Landing and pre-landing pages allow you to redirect your traffic to different offer pages. For example, you can set up landing pages for the audience speaking different languages or for different genders. Pre-landing pages help you warm up the audience to make the conversion probability higher. Your affiliates can select different landing pages to better suit their audience.

Smartlinks are a way to unite dozens of your offers with only one tracking link. The Affise system decides to which offer the traffic should go.

Deeplinks is another tool to optimize your performance. You can update your tracking links with deeplinks based on your needs. The system redirects the users to the necessary target page with the product or service, and your affiliates can select the target page themselves.

Trafficback can help you monetize traffic that doesn't suit your offer settings. You can set up a trafficback URL to redirect traffic to other offers or any other place.

Affise checker is a tool to check your tracking links. You can correct the links that don't work properly.

Advanced offer management

Offer schedule helps you plan when your offers go live. You can set a schedule, and the system automatically pauses the offers when needed.

Hold period allows you to set up the time during which the conversions are on hold. When the period is over, a conversion changes its status automatically.

You can work with the offers in bulk. This is useful when you have dozens of offers and it's not convenient to manage each offer separately. The same bulk actions work for affiliates and advertisers.

Limiting ineffective traffic

Caps for offers and advertisers is a diverse tool that you can use to set up many rules to limit your traffic. This helps you plan your budget and simply set a limit for any purpose.

Automation tools also exclude traffic that doesn't comply with your KPI, CR, and click rules.

Anti-fraud tools for clicks and conversions exclude traffic the system sees as fraudulent. These are the tools that can save your budget again. You don't pay for unreal clicks and conversions.

Please contact the Affise Customer Support team regarding all raised questions via the e-mail: [email protected].

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