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Hold is one of the conversion statuses. It means that a payment decision is on hold, and you pay for it later. By using this option, you can control when the conversion becomes payable, as you can pay for it only when it has Approved status.

Hold status

To find the Hold settings, go to Offer > a certain offer > Offer edit page > Postbacks.

To read how to set up the Hold period, go here.

You can find Hold in the Statistics section and on Affiliates list page.

Hold in Statistics

You can see the With Hold slide in Statistics.

If the slide is ON, the following columns include conversions in Hold status:

  • Total Revenue

  • Total Payouts

  • Total Earnings

Hold on Affiliates list

On the Affiliates list page, you can see the Hold column, which includes payouts for conversions with the Hold status only.

Once the conversions become Approved, the system updates the numbers in the column respectively in an hour.

You can show or hide Hold conversions from affiliates in their panels by using the Conversion status in Affiliate’s panel statistics field (Settings > Affiliates > General).

Billing for affiliates does not include conversions in the Hold status. Find more information about Billings for affiliates.


There are several peculiarities you should keep in mind when working with the Hold status.

  • On Affise, all statuses have system values:

    1: Approved status.

    2: Pending status.

    3: Declined status.

    5: Hold status.

    There is no need to pass status "5" via postback. If you define the hold period in the offer, the system registers the conversion with the Hold status automatically.

  • After conversion registration, you can see Hold in the Status column (Statistics > Conversions).

  • Affise checks conversions statuses and the hold period every 15 minutes. If the hold period is expired, the system turns all Hold conversions into Approved ones.

  • Hold in hours works this way: for example, you selected one hour. If the conversion came at 17:30, the system approves it at 18:30.

  • If you pass status "5" via postback without hold period determination in the offer, the system registers the conversion in the Hold status. It remains until the system turns all Hold conversions into Approved ones.

  • If you turn the conversion in Hold status into Approved one, it remains with Approved status even though the Hold period didn't expire.

  • If the conversion has at least one reason for the system to register it as Declined, the system registers it as Declined.

You can add Hold period to the offer via API by using these methods:

Read more about API here.

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