S2S integration (affiliates)
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Server-to-server (S2S) or postback integration is used to get a notification on a conversion from Affise. It involves an affiliate postback URL that serves as a notification about the action a user takes.

You don't need pixels for this type of integration, you need only the links.

Affise tracking URL

To pass the information about clicks to Affise, you need to set up an Affise tracking link:

  1. Get the Affise tracking link in Offers > a certain offer > Tracking link.

  2. If you want to pass additional information, update the link with your macros. Insert the macros into the text fields that correspond to the Affise parameters.

    The link updates automatically.

  3. Copy the link and use it in your system.

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Affiliate postback URL

To get information about conversions from Affise, you need to set up your postback URL on Affise:

  1. Update your postback URL with your parameters and the Affise macros.

  2. Set up a postback URL for a particular offer in Offers > a certain offer > Your Postbacks.

    1. Click Add postback.

    2. Insert the postback URL.

    3. Select the status of the conversions you want to get postbacks for:

      • Any: all the created conversions and after any status changes.

      • By creating: all the initial conversion statuses. You don't get a postback for a conversion with a changed status.

      • Approved: Approved conversions only.

      • Pending: Pending conversions only.

      • Declined: Declined conversions only.

      • Hold: Hold conversions only.

    4. Select the goal of the conversions you want to get postbacks for:

      • Any: conversions with all goals.

      • Install: conversions with the "install" goal only.

    5. Select the integration method.

      • Default: you get postbacks for conversions coming within ordinary S2S or C2S integrations.

      • Probabilistic Attribution: you get postbacks for conversions coming within Probabilistic Attribution integration.

3. You can set up a global postback URL that is common for all your offers.

a. Click Global postbacks to go to Profile > Settings > Postback information.

b. Set up your postback URL the same way as in step 2.

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⚠️ You don't select conversion goals for a global postback.

Once you set up all the links and updated them with the correct parameters and macros, you can request your manager to proceed with the integration tests.

Please contact the Affise Customer Support team regarding all raised questions via the e-mail: [email protected].

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