Perform an S2S integration test (affiliates)
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The integration test helps you to understand, whether the S2S integration is set up correctly, and whether you're 100% ready to work with offers on Affise. The test requires steps mostly from your account manager, however, you also need to provide some data and check connection on your side.

Before you begin

Perform an integration test

  1. Create your own tracking link for the offer on your side.

  2. On Affise, take your Affise tracking link for the offer:

    1. Go Offers > All > a certain offer.

    2. In the Tracking link field, take the link.

  3. On your side, temporarily get rid of all targeting and other restrictions, which may influence the redirects.

  4. On your side, ensure that your own link redirects to the Affise tracking link.

  5. On your side, generate your postback link, and give it to your account manager.

  6. Once your account manager does everything needed from his side, you should receive an information about conversion on your system. If you don't see it, contact your account manager.

Please contact the Affise Customer Support team regarding all raised questions via the e-mail: [email protected].

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