Postback integration (S2S) (admins)
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Postback or server-to-server integration

Server-to-server (S2S) or postback integration is used to get a notification on a conversion from an advertiser’s system. It involves a Postback URL generated on Affise: a special URL that serves as a notification about the action a user takes.

You should use the S2S integration when advertisers and affiliates have their tracking systems. The servers of these systems pass the info to Affise and get back from Affise. No pixels needed, just links.

Advertiser postback

You take the advertiser postback in the offer settings: Offers > a certain offer > Postbacks. This postback is fired on a side server. The server sends conversion via this link to Affise.

Affiliate postback

An affiliate provides you with a postback link themselves. Affiliate postback should be added to the Affise system, and the system sends the information about conversions to an affiliate.

What to do next

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