Server postbacks in statistics
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Server postback in statistics

In the Server postbacks slice, you can check the logs of the postback sent by your advertiser. This slice contains useful information in case you want to check the integration set with your advertiser (both S2S and C2S).

To find the feature, go to Statistics > Server postbacks.

Server postbacks table represents the following data:

  • Offer, Advertiser, Affiliate: offer/advertiser/affiliate information.

  • Clickid: Affise 24-symbol clickid value for which conversion takes place.

  • Action_id: unique conversion ID passed by your advertiser. If not passed, a conversion is registered later on Affise with a conversion ID, which equals the click ID value.

  • Status: conversion status. If not passed, a conversion is registered later on Affise with a status according to the Offer payouts settings. Read more about Conversion statuses.

  • Goal: conversion goal value passed by your advertiser based on your Offer payouts settings. If not passed, a conversion is registered later on Affise with goal value=1 by default. There is no validation on the goal value case: if the offer contains the "Install" goal value, and the system receives the postback with the 'install' goal value, it approves the conversion.

  • IP: for S2S (postback) integration - server IP a postback is sent from. For C2S (pixel) integration - user's IP.

  • Date: date and time when Affise registers a postback.

  • Delta: time between a click takes place, and a postback registers on Affise.

  • Postback parameters: detailed information on the data which your advertiser passed via a postback URL. There are parameters used in the postback link. There are some exceptions:

    • the source parameter: shows a success page in case of C2S integration.

    • the pixel parameter: shows that C2S integration is used in the particular case.

  • Response: Affise server response status. If Affise successfully registered a postback and generated a conversion, find the "status:1" in the column. If Affise accepted a postback but didn't register it successfully, find the "status:2". Read more about postback errors here.

🔎 You can filter data by click ID, action ID, date, advertiser, affiliate, offer, conversion status, goal, and response status. If you want to filter by click ID, conversion status, goal, and action ID, your advertiser should pass this data via postback link. All conversions registered on Affise have all this data. But the system assigns some data to a conversion automatically, if your advertiser doesn't pass it via postback link.

Example: if the advertiser doesn't pass conversion status, the system assigns it to the conversion. You won't find this status by filtering in the Server postbacks slice.

⚠️ Note that Server postbacks are available for the last three months.

You can use additional features in this slice:

⚠️ You can export postbacks only for the last 90 days.

It's also possible to save presets. Read about it here.

Please contact the Affise Customer Support team regarding all raised questions via the e-mail: [email protected].

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