Affiliate postbacks in statistics
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Affiliate postback in statistics

In the Affiliates postbacks slice, you can check the logs of the affiliates postback, that the system sent or didn't send to the affiliates due to a particular reason.

To find the feature, go to Statistics > Affiliate postbacks.

Affiliates postbacks table represents the following data:

  • Postback URL: postback URL based on your affiliate settings.

  • Conversion ID: ID of a conversion.

  • Affiliate: Affiliate (ID) Name.

  • Offer: Offer (ID) Name.

  • Goal: conversion goal value. There is no validation on goal value case: if the conversion has the "Install" goal value, the postback is set up for the "install" goal value, the system sends it.

  • Status: conversion status.

  • Payouts: conversion payout (you can set and update it in the offer's payouts settings).

  • Revenue: conversion revenue payout (you can set and update it in the offer's payouts settings).

  • Currency: conversion currency.

  • Notice: conversion comment message.

  • HTTP code: affiliate's server response. If Affise postback reached affiliate's server, you find HTTP code 200 in the same column. If you see any other HTTP code - recheck the settings of affiliate's postback on your side. πŸ”Ž Read more about all the possible errors while setting up integration with affiliate.

  • Error: error message from affiliate's server. When the attempt to send a postback to affiliate's side isn't successful, you see the error message. If the affiliate's server doesn't show any error text, the system doesn't depict it in this column.

  • Date: date and time when the system sends a postback URL.

  • Integration method: the method of integration that the conversion corresponds to. You choose the method while setting up affiliate postback. πŸ”Ž Read more about integration methods.

You can use additional features in this slice:

⚠️ You can export postbacks only for the last 90 days.

It's also possible to save presets. πŸ”Ž Read about it here.

Please contact the Affise Customer Support team regarding all raised questions via the e-mail: [email protected].

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