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In the Conversions slice of Statistics, you can see detailed information on conversions and export them.


The Conversions slice contains the table with conversions data and filters.


  • Date: the time and date when the user committed the conversion.

  • Offer: offer name (read more about offers here).

  • Geography / IP: user's IP.

  • Device: user's device.

  • Status: conversion status.

  • Income: the sum of money you get for the conversion.

  • Name of goal: goal name.

  • Afprice: sum the advertiser passed via a postback with the help of the sum parameter for the conversion.

  • sub1-sub8: sub-accounts data.

  • User Agent: user's device user-agent data. To view it, hover over the i sign:

  • Comment: conversion comment.

  • ID: conversion ID.

You can also export conversions by using the Export feature.

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