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In the Offers section, you can find all offers already available to you or offers to which you can request access.

Offers section overview

Offers section consists of three subsections.


  • All offers: the list of the offers in Public and Pre-moderation statuses. πŸ”Ž Read more about the all offers subsection.

  • Available offers: the list of public offers, pre-moderation, and private offers connected to you by your Affiliate manager (means the request is approved).

  • Live Offers: the list of offers to which you send traffic - at least one click for the last month.

All subsections have the following filters:

  • Search

  • Categories

  • Countries

    ⚠️ When you apply the Country filter, the system performs the search by countries set up for goals.

Offer preview

On the offer preview, you can find the following information:



  • ID: the offer ID.

  • Category: the offer category (vertical).

  • Title: the offer title.

  • Goal and payout: the offer payout amount for specific goal. Hover over Details to get additional information.

  • Country: the country set in the targeting group of the offer.

  • CR weeky: conversion rate calculated for a week.

  • EPC weekly: earnings per click calculated for a week.

All offers

In this section, you can connect to public offers or request access to the pre-moderation offer.

Public offers

Public offer is the offer available for all affiliates without any request by default.

In case of public privacy level, you see the Get link button:

You can see the detailed information about the offer.


  • Offer Preview: offer preview link.

  • Domain: offer default domain. πŸ”Ž Read more about Tracking domains.

  • Tracking link: offer tracking link.

  • QR-code: offer QR code that you can use instead of a tracking link.

  • Shortlink: URL that is a shorter alias for a standard tracking URL. πŸ”Ž Read more about Shortlink.

  • Your postbacks: you can add your local postback for a specific offer for S2S Integration.

  • Postback Information: the list of all available macros for your postback.

  • Your javascript pixel: you can add your pixel for Pixel integration.

  • Payouts: payouts set up in the offer.

  • Conversion rates: offer CR% weekly value, EPC weekly value, and click session lifespan.

  • Limits: cap limits.

  • Targeting info: offer targeting (countries, cities, devices and so on).

Pre-moderation offers

Pre-moderation offer is the offer that requires the manager's confirmation to have access to the offer.

In case of pre-moderation privacy level, you see the Request access button:

You can see the following information about the offer:

In the gray section, you need to enter some details the manager asks for. Based on this information, the manager decides to grant you access or not.

Please contact Affise Customer Support team regarding all raised questions via the e-mail: [email protected].

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