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On Affise, you can manage some of your activities via API. To start working with API, you need an API key and API URL.

To work with requests, you can use free API-development tools, such as Postman, Insomnia, Advanced REST client, etc.

Types of data and methods

You may face the following types of data in API:

  • Integer: only for integer values: offer ID, etc.

  • String: includes integer values, letters, and characters: country code, cap type, payment type, etc.

  • Array: multiple values with a complex structure: targeting groups, caps, payouts, etc.

  • Float: a floating-point or decimal number: your revenue, etc.

Affise API provides three methods:

  • GET: use it to request data: statistics, offers list, etc.

  • POST: use it to send data to create or update a resource: adding a pixel, editing a postback link, etc.

  • DELETE: used to delete the specified resource: delete postback, delete pixel, etc.

API request structure:

GET/POST/DELETE + API URL + path + ? + API key=189471975956279174174.

API request example:


🔎 Use the header content-type - application/x-www-form-urlencoded.

API key

For data exchange authentication, you should pass an API key as a parameter in the header.

You can find your key here: Settings > Security.

Profile _ Security - Google Chrome 2022-08-12 at 10.43.03 AM


API URL is the core of your API request. Ask your account manager to provide you the API URL.

Please contact the Affise Customer Support team regarding all raised questions via the e-mail: [email protected].

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