Pixel integration (affiliates)
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Pixel or client-to-server (C2S) integration involves an HTML code snippet that is loaded when a user visits a website. To get conversion info from Affise, you need to use a pixel, not a postback URL.

There are three main pixel-based tracking methods: iFrame, JavaScript, and Image pixels. The pixels work the same way.

Affise tracking link

  1. To pass the information about clicks to Affise, get the Affise tracking link in Offers > a certain offer > Tracking link.

    Offer Chevron_CPI_US_AOS_Non_Incent_City Target - Google Chrome 2022-10-20 at 11.41.12 AM


  2. Set up the link to your banner on the website.

Affiliate pixel

To get information about conversions from Affise, you need to set up your pixel on Affise:

  1. Update the pixel with your parameters and the Affise macros.

  2. Set up the pixel for a particular offer in Offers > a certain offer > Your Javascript Pixels.

    1. Click Add pixel.

    2. Type the name of your pixel.

    3. Insert the pixel.

    4. Select the pixel type and save it.

Screen Recording 2022-10-20 at PM

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