Perform a pixel integration test with advertisers
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When you perform an integration test, remove all the targeting restrictions. This ensures the system registers your test conversion.

Before you begin

Test pixel integration

After your advertiser set up a pixel, you need to test the integration and check whether the advertiser set up the pixel correctly.

  1. Check whether the Affise tracking link leads to the advertiser link directly. Add &format=json to your tracking link, and put it into your browser address bar.

  2. Right-click Inspect to open the Developer tool. Click the Application tab to see the cookie file record.

  3. Follow the Affise tracking link (without format=json) to get to the offer website. Take all the needed actions on the website (register, subscribe, etc.) to reach the Success page, where the pixel fires.

  4. When you are on the success page, check the source code (crtl+U) to find the pixel on the page. It should be located after the opening <body> tag.

  5. In Developer tool > Network, check a call-out record.


  6. On the Application tab, check the afclick value. It should be the same as in step 2.


  7. In the Admin panel > Statistics > Server postbacks, check whether the system registered your conversion successfully.

A dash - Affise accepted a postback, and the system registered the conversion.

Validation error - Affise accepted a postback, but the system didn't register the conversion due to some postback error.

Please contact the Affise Customer Support team regarding all raised questions via the e-mail: [email protected].

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