To optimize your performance on Affise and get traffic of higher quality, use a set of anti-fraud tools. These tools allow you to get real conversions and increase your earnings.

The tools decline all the postbacks and conversions that don't suit your settings.

Advanced anti-fraud

Affise in association with 24metrics provides a tool that allows analyzing and declining conversions, which are considered potentially fraudulent.

Then, you can disable affiliates according to their performance regarding the conversions generated for the specified advertisers or offers.

💰 Advanced Anti-fraud is available by request. Contact your Affise account manager to get the feature.

Before you start working with Advanced Anti-fraud, you need to go to Marketplace and click FraudShield by 24metrics.

⚠️ You need the following permissions to work with Advanced Anti-fraud:

  • Automation > Advanced Anti-fraud > Write

  • Statistics > Fraud report > Read

To work with this tool, click the Advanced Anti-fraud section.

On the Advanced Anti-fraud page, at first, you see the following:

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You can learn about the advantages of Advanced Anti-fraud usage, pricing, and terms and conditions. You can start a free trial period by clicking Start free trial.

Once you start with Advanced Anti-fraud, you can create a rule.

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  • Enabled: you can enable or disable a particular rule.

  • Conversions of affiliates: you can specify the affiliate(s) whose conversions you want to check. It's possible to select All affiliates to let the system check the conversions of all affiliates. Also, you can exclude certain affiliates from the rule.

  • Advertisers/Offers: choose whether you want to check conversions by the advertiser(s) or the offer(s). Enter the advertiser/offer name in the relevant field. Select All advertisers / All offers to let the system check conversions of all advertisers/offers. Also, you can exclude certain offers or advertisers from the rule.

⚠️ You should specify at least one parameter (affiliates/advertisers/offers) as the list of certain affiliates/advertisers/offers.

  • Detection strategy: a set of filters the 24metrics uses to define the probability of conversion fraud. See detection strategies to learn more.

  • Fraud probability: the fraud probability upon reaching which the system declines conversions automatically. You can select Do not decline - then the system declines no conversions. See fraud probability to learn more.

  • Optional. Note: you can leave a note about the rule.

You can check the result of Advanced Anti-fraud work in Statistics > Fraud report and Statistics > General > Conversions.

Secure postback code

The secure postback code option is a tool you can use to protect your conversions from fraud.

The option exists on three levels: platform, advertiser, and offer.

In Settings > Security, you can generate the code and ignore it, if necessary. The code applies to all offers and all advertisers.

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In Advertisers > a certain advertiser, you can generate a secure postback code for all offers of a particular advertiser.

In Offers > a certain advertiser > Postbacks, you can generate a secure postback code for a chosen offer.

When you generated a code, you should add the &secure parameter with the generated code to the Affise postback and share the postback with your advertiser.

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When you use a secure code, you get a postback with the same code placed in the system. Fraudulent conversions can be generated based on the same click ID or by other means via sending postbacks. If your advertiser decides to send you a postback for conversions without a secure code, the Affise system does not register this postback.

Click session lifespan

You can manage the lifespan between a click or impression and conversion on Affise. With this option, you can manage the time upon which the system registers the conversion based on a click or impression. This means you protect yourself from fraud conversions that the system can register based on "old" clicks and impressions.

The option is located in Offers > a certain offer > Tracking.

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  • Click&impression Session Lifespan: you can set a period when the system allows the conversion for a click or impression. By default: one year.

  • Minimal click&impression session lifespan: you can set a minimum period when the system allows the conversion for a click or impression. By default: zero sec.

⚠️ For impressions, the maximum attribution window is seven days. If you set the periods of more than seven days, the system applies them only for clicks.

You can check the result of the tool work in Statistics > Fraud report.

Restrictions by IP addresses

Restrictions by IP addresses allow you to decline conversions made from not unique IPs. Many conversions made from the same IP address can be fraudulent.

The options are located in Offers > a certain offer > Postbacks.

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  • Unique IP only: it is possible to accept conversions made only from unique IPs. The system declines all the conversions except the first one made from unique IP. The system detects the conversion IP as duplicated if there was a conversion with the same IP for this offer for the whole period of offer existence.

  • Reject not unique IP: you can decline conversion with not unique IP. It does not affect conversions with the same IP but different goal values.

You can check the result of the tool work in Statistics > Fraud report.

Hold period

Even if the system successfully registered the conversions, you can take time and put your payment decision on hold. The Hold period option allows you to set the period your conversions are in the hold status. This means you can decline conversions that seem fraudulent.

The option is located in Offers > a certain offer > Postbacks.

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Hold period: you can define the number of days or hours after which the system release the conversions for payment. Conversions registered under the offer hold period get the Hold status and the system approves them automatically once the period is over.

⚠️ Max. period of days used for hold is 60.

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