There are different reasons why a conversion might get the Declined status.

To check the conversion status, go Statistics > Conversions > Status column.

Conversions declining reasons



Payments not found

Your payouts had different settings than the offer settings had (GEO, Device, OS, Sub values, Goal).

Rejected by a manager

Your manager declined the conversion.

Cap is reached

The system declined the conversion because the cap was reached in the offer.

Click/impression session lifespan is expired

You sent a click/impression to the offer, when its click/impression session lifespan already expired.

Min click/impression session lifespan is not reached

You sent a click/impression to the offer before its min click/impression session lifespan was reached.

Declined via advertiser’s postback

An advertiser passed declined conversion status via a postback with the help of the status=3 parameter.

IP duplicate

The conversion for the offer that required only unique IP had not unique IP, and the system rejected it.

Partner is disabled

You had a disabled status and couldn't send a conversion.

Partner is banned

You had a banned status and couldn't send a conversion.

Declined by Fraud detection plugins

Fraud detection plugin declined a conversion.

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