Conversions declining reasons (affiliates)
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There are different reasons why a conversion might get the Declined status.

To check the conversion status, go Statistics > Conversions > Status column.

Conversions declining reasons



Payments not found

Your payouts had different settings than the offer settings had (GEO, Device, OS, Sub values, Goal).

Rejected by a manager

Your manager declined the conversion.

Cap is reached

The system declined the conversion because the cap was reached in the offer.

Click/impression session lifespan is expired

You sent a click/impression to the offer, when its click/impression session lifespan was already expired.

Min click/impression session lifespan is not reached

You sent a click/impression to the offer before its min click/impression session lifespan was reached.

Declined via advertiser’s postback

An advertiser passed declined conversion status via a postback with the help of the status=3 parameter.

IP duplicate

The conversion for the offer that required only unique IP had not unique IP, and the system rejected it.

Partner is disabled

You had a disabled status and couldn't send a conversion.

Partner is banned

You had a banned status and couldn't send a conversion.

Rejected by import

When importing conversions, the Declined status was specified in the imported file.

Promo code is expired

You used the promo code, which was already expired.

Promo code is not available

You used the promo code, which was deleted from the system.

Declined by Fraud detection plugins

Fraud detection plugin declined a conversion.

Please contact the Affise Customer Support team regarding all raised questions via the e-mail: [email protected].

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