Set up an Affise Anti-fraud rule
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Before you begin

Create a rule

  1. In Automation > Advanced Anti-fraud, click Create new rule.

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  2. In the Create new Advanced Anti-fraud rule window, set all the necessary options:

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    1. Click the toggle to make your rule Enabled or Disabled.

    2. Select certain or all affiliates, or exclude certain affiliates.

    3. Set a rule on Advertisers or Offers. Exclude certain advertisers or offers if necessary.

    4. Leave a note if necessary.

  3. Click Create rule to save a rule and go to the rule list.
    Click Save and create next to save the current rule and start creating the next one at once.

Advanced Anti-fraud starts sending conversions for analysis right after you created and saved the rule.

⚠️ The system analyzes only conversions in Approved, Hold, and Pending statuses.

Rule list

When you created a rule, the system adds it to the rule list with all the settings you set. The list contains all the rules you created.

  • To edit, enable, disable, or delete a certain rule, click the horizontal three-dot menu.

  • To sort the rules by their settings and IDs, click the arrows next to the column titles.

  • To see the Anti-fraud statistics, click Watch statistics.

If there are several rules that a certain conversion meets, the system applies the newest one, and ignores the rest.

Please contact the Affise Customer Support team regarding all raised questions via the e-mail: [email protected].

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