Affise postback URL parameters
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Affise postback link is used to pass click information to an advertiser. To set it up correctly, use Affise parameters listed below. After this, an advertiser is to add macros of the tracking solution they use.

Affise postback URL parameters

&clickid or &click_id

Click ID - mandatory parameter


Unique conversion ID in the advertiser's system


Goal number or goal value


Conversion revenue


IP address of visitor who made a request (partially hidden by GDPR policy)


Conversion status:

  • Approved - 1

  • Pending - 2

  • Declined - 3

  • Hold - 5


Referrer (additional information on traffic and deeplinks)




Hash password generated on offer, advertiser level


Facebook click ID


Device type. Possible values: mediahub, mobile, ereader, console, tv, tablet, desktop, smartwatch


Affise impression ID


Promo code


ID of a user

&custom_field1 - custom_field7

Additional parameters

Please contact the Affise Customer Support team regarding all raised questions via the e-mail: [email protected].

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