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Advertisers have certain budgets, they are ready to spend per day/month/all the periods of advertisement. To control these budgets on Affise, you can use cap for advertisers. It allows you to set a budget for different periods and see the progress to avoid missing budget overruns.

💰 The Advertiser cap feature is available only for certain plans. Contact your Affise account manager to get the feature.

Set up a cap for advertisers

  1. Go to Advertisers > Advertisers > a certain advertiser > Edit advertiser> Caps.

  2. Click the Create cap button.

  3. In the appeared window, specify the following fields:

    • In the Value field, enter the amount of money the advertiser is ready to spend for the selected time period.

      ⚠️ The system considers the budget this way: Total revenue (conversions of all statuses) for all offers, which belong to the advertiser.

    • In the Timezone field, select the time zone according to which the system calculates the cap.

    • In the Currency field, select the currency of the budget. You can choose only active currencies. You can activate the currency in Settings.

    • In the Timeframe field, select the timeframe within which the system calculates the cap:

      • daily: calculated for 24 hours, its reset occurs at midnight.

      • month: calculated for a calendar month. Even if the cap is set up on 15.11, the calculation happens from 01.11 to 30.11, and it’ll be reset again on 01.12.

      • all: calculated for the entire time, when the advertiser has conversions.

  4. Click Create to add a new cap rule.

After creating a new cap rule, you can see it in the general caps list.

It contains all the parameters the cap rule has. It shows a progress bar that depicts the progress of cap filling. The progress bar updates every 3 hours. It also displays the date and time when the system calculated the progress the last time. It shows the date and time according to the time zone of the cap rule.

⚠️ Keep in mind the following peculiarities:

  • In the advertiser cabinet on Affise, the advertiser doesn't see caps and progress bars.

  • If you changed the advertiser for the offer, the system will notice this changing when it starts calculating the budget the next time. This offer won't be counted for the advertiser who has a cap anymore.

  • If you edited the conversion's revenue, the system will notice this changing and recalculate the budget when it starts calculating the budget the next time.

  • When the cap is reached, traffic keeps going, but the system rejects conversions.

  • To be aware of cap reaching, you can create a subscription by using the Affise Notification system. It is possible to receive notification either via email or in-app.

  • Affiliates don't see cap rules for the advertiser, whose offers they send traffic to.

  • To check whether the budget is calculated correctly, you can check the Custom slice of Statistics. Use the following filter and flags:

Please contact the Affise Customer Support team regarding all raised questions via the e-mail: [email protected].

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