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Deeplink is a specific link that allows redirecting users to a particular piece of web content: a specific mobile app, product in an online store, etc. Deeplinks help improve the quality of customer service: by clicking the ad in the app, the user immediately goes to a page with relevant information. Without deeplinks, users are to search for the needed content manually.

The method of deep linking is an important element of any marketing campaign for mobile devices. It allows us to simplify the path to the content for a new audience and improves the user experience for existing users.

There are two methods of deeplinking on Affise: setting up a deeplink as a path and as a redirect.

  • Deeplink as a path is directly related to an advertiser tracking URL, where you add only the path to the main tracking URL. For example, an advertiser tracking URL leads to the home page of their online-store, and after you add the path, it leads to a specific product in this online store.

  • Deeplink as a redirect is any full link independent from an advertiser tracking URL. For example, an advertiser tracking URL leads to the home page of their online store, and after you add a full redirect link, it can lead to another advertiser product not related to the tracking URL.

🔎 If there are targeting restrictions in the offer, the system works as usual: it checks all the restrictions in the offer targeting settings and redirects the traffic to the deeplink, not the default tracking link.

Deeplinks vs. Additional URLs vs. Landings

Deeplinks, Additional URLs, and Landing pages are used to provide some alternative to the main advertiser tracking URL. However, they all have different logic.

Deeplinks provide an opportunity for an affiliate to select among thousands of products on a website. The affiliate knows their audience and can select the most suitable product for deeplinking to boost conversions. In the case of landing pages, affiliates can select only among the links provided.

Affiliates can't select additional URLs. They are predetermined for an affiliate. You can set up a maximum of ten additional URLs for one targeting group.

If there are additional tracking URLs in the offer, but an affiliate uses the landing page, which differs from the main tracking URL and additional tracking URLs, the system redirects their click to the landing page.

If you set up both the deeplink and the landing page, the traffic goes to the landing page. The {deeplink} macro, which is used for an advertiser tracking URL, doesn’t pass any info in case it is used on the landing page URL.

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