Deeplinks (affiliates)
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A deeplink is a specific link that allows redirecting end-users to a particular product, application, category of products, and so on. Deeplinks help improve the quality of customer service: by clicking the ad in the app, the user immediately goes to a page with relevant information.

You can take a deeplink as:

  • a full tracking link, which contains the way to a particular category, product, app.

  • a part of the URL of the offer page, which leads to a particular category, product, app.


You don't have a list of deeplinks, prepared on your affiliate. You need to set up a separate deeplink for each offer. You can find the field here: Offers > a certain offer.

The very deeplink looks like:


The tracking link that contains the deeplink, looks like:

Deeplinks logic

Your advertiser should give you a part of the URL of the offer page, which he wants to use in your Affise tracking link. However, you can add a part of the URL on your own, if you know your audience and know what exactly can attract it the most.

Deeplinks vs. Landing pages

Deeplinks, and Landing pages are the alternative to the main advertiser tracking URL. However, they work differently.

You can set up a deeplink on your own based on your audience's preferences. You can't freely set up a landing page: you only have a list provided by the advertiser.

If you set up both the deeplink and the landing page, the traffic goes to the landing page.

What to do next

Please contact the Affise Customer Support team regarding all raised questions via the e-mail: [email protected].

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