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On Affise, you can edit a conversion status, payout, revenue, currency, and comment. Here you can see all methods to edit it.

Before you begin

Edit a conversion

There are different methods to edit conversions described below.


  1. In the Conversions slice of Statistics, click the ellipsis sign or the Toggle row selected checkbox.

    🔎 In case of checkbox option, you can edit several conversions at a time by using bulk actions. Read more about bulk actions here.

  2. Select the needed changes:

    • Click Change status and select the conversion's status.

    • Click Change payout and enter the conversion's payout.

    • Click Change revenue and enter the conversion's revenue.

    • Click Change currency and select the conversion's currency.

    • Click Comment and enter the comment.

  3. Click Apply.

    Via postback link

To change conversion via postback link, do the following:

  1. On the Offer edit page, click the Postbacks tab.

  2. In the Integration pixels field, add the needed parameter to the Affise postback link:

    • Add the order_currency parameter and add the currency code (USD, EUR, and so on).

      ⚠️ The conversion should already exist in the system (it should have either click ID or action ID) to let you change its currency.

      The system ignores the parameter in two cases:

      • Caps (if there is at least one cap rule in the offer, or if you try to replace the currency with the one that doesn't exist in the payouts in the offer).

      • If the currency you're trying to replace the value with isn't active in the Settings section.

      As a result, you get the "status 2: conversion exists" error in the Server postbacks slice.

    • Add the status parameter and add the status in the digital format:

      • 1 - Approve

      • 2 - Pending

      • 3 - Declined

      • 5 - Hold

      🔎 Read more about conversion status.



      ⚠️ You can use this method for conversions in the initial Pending status only. If a conversion has any other initial status, update the status manually, via API, or the Import option.

    • Add the ordrer_sum parameter to change conversion afprice and add the sum of money.

      ⚠️ The conversion should already exist in the system (it should have either click ID or action ID) to let you change its afprice.

    • Add the comment parameter and add the comment.

    ⚠️ You cannot change conversion's afprice and/or currency in three cases:

  3. Click Save.

Via import

You can change the conversion status of the conversions. Read how to update conversion status via import.


Please contact the Affise Customer Support team regarding all raised questions via the e-mail: [email protected].

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