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On the Statistics page, you can view summary statistics in various slices using different filters.

The Statistics section has the following slices:

Below you can find the description of Daily slice.

⚠️ To see Statistics, you need certain permissions. Read more about it here.

Daily Statistics

In the Daily statistics, you can view your summary statistics or check summary statistics for specific offers, affiliates, managers, etc. The following slices have the same options as the Daily slice:

  • Daily

  • Weekly

  • Monthly

  • Advertisers

  • Affiliates

  • Offers

  • Account managers

  • Affiliate managers

  • Countries

  • Cities

  • OS

  • Device brands

  • Mobile ISP

  • Connection type

There are the following features in Daily statistics:

  • 1: you can filter the data by a specific date range, timezone, country, etc. The system moves all filters to other slices.

    When you use the Countries filter in the Offer slice, the system shows the clicks that led to trafficback as well as clicks and hosts that led to the offer.

    🔎 You can search by tags assigned to your advertisers, offers, and affiliates. Read about the Tag system on Affise.

  • 2: you can see all active currencies. To make the currency active, go to Settings > Content > Currencies.

    🔎 If you use the CPC/CPM types of payment, the same logic is applied for clicks/hosts and impressions as well.

  • 3: it is a report, which allows you to group data under several positions. 🔎 Read more about drop-down groups.

  • 4: use this option to depict statistics (Revenue, Payouts, Earnings, Total), considering the conversions with the Hold status.

  • 5: select the column to sort. The system sorts data across all pages you have for the particular statistics.

  • 6: resets all filters.

  • 7: you can add a new custom column, get a shared report link, export data, and set the columns. 🔎 Read more about it here and here.

Statistics table

In the Statistics table, you can find a description of the most commonly used columns:

Statistics _ Rocketcompany - Google Chrome 2022-01-07 at 9.13.39 PM


  • Date: choose the timeframe you want to see the data for. All columns related to money have a currency symbol according to the selected active currency. The system doesn't show this symbol in the Export file.

    ⚠️ You must choose the period less than three months, so that the system can show the data.

    You can choose the number of strings depicted per page in the Statistics table (90 strings are maximum).

  • Traffic: contains the following data:

    • Clicks: a number of all clicks. Once clicking the link on the number of clicks, you can get detailed statistics (click log).

      ⚠️ If you have a huge number of clicks, the system might have a problem when loading the data. In this case, choose a smaller timeframe.

      🔎 Clicks data is available under the hyperlink for the past seven days.

      You can add and hide columns in the table by clicking the Edit columns button, and export detailed statistics on clicks. There is an opportunity to create a preset for the Export table.

    • Trafficback: a number of clicks the system sends to Trafficback instead of Tracking URLs.

    • Impressions: a number of tracked impressions.

  • Conversions:

    • Approved (QTY/Revenue): the amount of the approved conversions/the sum the advertiser paid for a conversion.

    • Hold (QTY/Revenue): the amount of the hold conversions/the sum the advertiser paid for a conversion.

    • Pending (QTY/Revenue): the amount of the pending conversions/the sum the advertiser paid for a conversion.

    • Declined (QTY/Revenue): the amount of the declined conversions/the sum the advertiser paid for a conversion.

    • CR (Conversion Rate): (number of total conversions/clicks) * 100%.

    • EPC (Earnings per click): revenue approved/clicks.

    • ECPM (Effective cost per mille): (total earnings/total impressions) * 1000.

      🔎 Read more about it here.

  • Total:

    • QTY: the total amount of all conversions with all statuses.

    • Null: zero conversions, not only those where the offer has 0 in Revenue, but also the conversions received 0 because they went to the decline due to "Payments not found".

    • Revenue: the sum of money the advertiser paid for approved conversions.

    • Payouts: the sum of money you paid to your affiliates for approved conversions.

    • Earnings: the sum of money you earned for approved conversions (Revenue minus Payouts).

Please contact the Affise Customer Support team regarding all raised questions via the e-mail: [email protected].

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