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On Affise MMP, it's possible for each manager to work only with their application and without access to other applications, statistics, etc. A general manager has access to all the applications and their statistics.

In the Users section, you can view the list of users which Affise Performance contains. You can also set permissions for users and restrict them to use specific applications.


To find the list of Users, go to Attribution > Users.

In the table, you can find the user name, email, the date and time of the last login. To get the detailed information about the user and view permissions, click the View details button.

⚠️ By default, managers other than a general manager don't have permissions to see any applications.

🔎 You can change the user data in Affise Performance (Users > User Management > a certain user). Read more about user creation and user permissions.

On this page, you can add allowed applications to the user.

⚠️ If you see the following message, it means the user has the General manager role and has everything available by default. If you want to set specific permissions, change the role (type) at first.

Users with the Account manager and Affiliate manager types can see the following sections only:

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