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On Affise, you can create and edit accounts for managers who work with your Admin panel.

Before you begin

Create a user

1. In the Users section, select the User Management division.

2. Click the Create user button.

3. Fill in the following forms:


  • Email: User’s email address, that the user uses later as login to enter to the Affise Admin panel.

  • Name: User’s first name.

  • Surname: User’s last name.

  • Optional. Working time: User’s working hours.

  • Optional. IM/Skype: User’s IM/Skype details.

  • User type: Assign one of the available types to the user:
    General Manager: a user with admin rights to the panel.
    Affiliate Manager: a user responsible for the work with affiliates.
    Account Manager: a user responsible for the work with advertisers.

    ⚠️ You can change the user type for all your users besides the first one.

4. Optional. Add an image for a new user:

a. Click Change.

b. Choose a needed picture.

c. Crop it however you want.

d. Click Apply to save the picture.

⚠️ The system supports JPEG, JPG, and PNG formats only.

5. Go to the Password tab.

6. Enter the user’s password. The system uses it as a password to log in to the Affise Admin panel. It must meet the requirements shown in the picture:

⚠️ Only the General manager can change the user's e-mail and password.

7. Go to the Permissions and Sections tabs to grant permissions to your managers for a specific type of data. See information about User permissions.

8. Click Save.

Please contact the Affise Customer Support team regarding all raised questions via the e-mail: [email protected].

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