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To launch a campaign, you need to create an offer on Affise. All created offers you can find in the Offers section.

Before you begin

Create a new offer

  1. In the upper-right corner of the Offers section, click the New Offer button.

  2. In the Title field of the General tab, enter the title of the offer.

  3. In the Advertiser field, select the advertiser of the offer from the list. Read more about adding an advertiser.

  4. Optional. In the Logo field, click the Choose image button to upload the logo.

    ⚠️ Available formats for logo: .PNG, .JPEG, .JPG.

  5. In the Status field, select the status of the offer. Read more about Offer statuses.

  6. In the Privacy level field, select the privacy of the offer. Read more about Offer privacy levels.

  7. Click the Tracking tab, and in the Tracking URL field, enter the advertiser tracking link. Read more about setting up integration with an advertiser.

  8. Optional. In the Additional macro field, enter the needed macro (find the list of macros by clicking Show params). By doing that, affiliates will be able to see what sub values you wanted them to use.

  9. Optional. In the Trafficback URL field, enter the Trafficback link. Read more about Trafficback.

  10. In the Redirect type field, select the needed type of redirect.

  11. Click the Targeting group tab to set up targeting groups. Read more about Targeting.

  12. Optional. Click the Affiliates tab if you want to enable or disable specific affiliates. Read more about enabling and disabling offers for affiliates.

  13. Optional. Click the Postbacks tab to set up postbacks. Read more about Postbacks.

  14. Optional. Near the Secure postback code field, click the Generate code button to protect conversions from fraud. Read more about this feature.

  15. Click the Payouts tab to set up payouts. Read more about Payouts.

  16. Optional. Click the Cap tab if you want to set caps. Read more about Caps.

  17. Click the Creatives tab to add creatives. Read more about Creatives.

  18. Optional. Click the Landing pages tab to set up a landing page. Read more about it Landing and prelanding pages.

  19. Optional. Click the 3RD-party tab if you want to work with plugins. Read more about here.

  20. Optional. Click the Commission tiers tab if you want to set tiers. Read more about Commission tiers.

  21. Optional. Click the Promo code tab if you want to set promo code. Read more about Promo code tracking.

  22. Click Save.

Please contact Affise Customer Support team regarding all raised questions via the e-mail: [email protected].

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