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πŸ’° The Smartlinks feature is available only for certain plans. Contact your Affise account manager to get the feature.

The Smartlink is a special link that contains several offers. Through the link, you can redirect the traffic to a suitable offer based on geo, device, os type, os version, etc.

This option helps use traffic as effectively as possible, without losing it.

Smartlinks are based on the algorithm that decides which offer to show for each specific user. The algorithm takes the user data and analyses all the information. As a result, the user gets to an offer that is most likely to be converted.

On Affise, a Smartlink URL looks like this:

You can create smartlinks in the SmartLinks section.

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Smartlink algorithm

The algorithm takes all offers united by a Smartlink and distributes traffic among them. It takes four steps to define the offer where traffic goes.

  1. A click avoids offers where there is a reason to be sent to trafficback:

    1. Targeting groups: the system checks whether there is an offer with a suitable general or personal targeting group.

    2. Offer privacy: the system checks whether the affiliate has access to an offer (the offer should be public or the affiliate should be connected to the offer).

    3. Caps: the system checks whether the offer has cap rules of all types and time frames that aren't reached.

  2. The algorithm distributes about 20% of traffic among all suitable offers. It allows new offers to be involved in traffic distribution. They receive traffic to recalculate EPC and detect changes in performance over time.

    πŸ”Ž EPC = Revenue of conversions of all statuses except Declined / number of clicks.

  3. The algorithm distributes the rest 80% of traffic among offers with the highest EPC. The system calculates EPC for the last seven days based on the following attributes:

    1. EPC of this particular Smartlink.

    2. EPC of this particular affiliate, who the click belongs to.

    3. EPC of the country, which the click was made from.

    4. EPC of the OS, which the click was made from.

  4. If there is no opportunity to calculate EPC (not enough data, the Smartlink is new, zero revenue and payout in the offer, etc.), 80% of traffic goes to ten random offers.

πŸ”Ž To use the algorithm effectively, note the following:

  • Make at least one offer public (available for all active affiliates) to let traffic go to at least one relevant offer in Smartlink.

  • The number of clicks is not important for an algorithm to work: there's no minimum or maximum quantity.

  • The things that determine the effectiveness of Smartlink work are the number of offers, whether these are new offers or have some EPC, and whether affiliates, GEOs, and OSes have EPC.

  • To increase conversions, the offers for a Smartlink are usually grouped for a certain vertical.

Smartlinks in Statistics

You can see the statistics on Smartlinks in the separate slice.

Statistics _ Kofluence - Google Chrome 2022-09-28 at 4.41.35 PM

You can also filter by a certain Smartlink in the following slices:

  • Custom

  • Daily

  • Weekly

  • Monthly

  • Advertisers

  • Account managers

  • Affiliates managers

  • Offers

  • Affiliates

  • Countries

  • Cities

  • OS

  • Device brand

  • Mobile ISP

  • Connection type

  • Landing

Smartlinks via API

Get the information about all Smartlinks in the Admin panel:

GET /3.0/admin/smartlink/categories

GET /3.0/admin/smartlink/category/{id}/offers-count

Add a new Smartlink. Edit or delete the existent Smartlink:

Add: POST /3.0/admin/smartlink/category

Edit: POST /3.0/admin/smartlink/category/{ID}

Delete: POST /3.0/admin/smartlink/category/{ID}/remove

Affiliates can get the information about available Smartlinks:

GET /3.0/partner/smartlink/categories

Affiliates can see the number of offers for a particular Smartlink:

GET /3.0/partner/smartlink/category/{id}/offers-count

Add a Smartlink category to the offer by using the Smartlink_categories parameter with this method:

POST /3.0/admin/offer

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