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Smartlink is a flexible tool, which allows distributing traffic automatically depending on the most suitable conditions and properties of clicks.

Setup of a smartlink requires two steps: creating a smartlink category, and adding an offer to the category. The category has one tracking link - the smartlink itself, which your affiliates can use to send traffic. On Affise, you can set up a smartlink fast and easy. Once you're done with it, affiliates see the link in the Affiliate panel at once.

Before you begin

Set up a smartlink

  1. Go to SmartLinks.

  2. Click New Smartlink.

  3. In the Name field, add the smartlink's name. Affiliates see it in the Affiliate panel.

  4. Optional. In the Domain drop-down list, select the custom tracking domain, which you want to use for this smartlink. If you leave the field empty, the smartlink contains the default tracking domain.

  5. In the Privacy level field, select the privacy level of the smartlink:

    • Public: all affiliates have access to the smartlink by default. You don't need to enable them.

    • Premoderated: affiliates can request for access to this smartlink.

    • Private: affiliates don't see this smartlink. You need to enable the needed affiliates directly in the Admin panel.

  6. Optional. Add the description for the category. Affiliates see it in the Affiliate panel.

  7. Optional. If your smartlink has the Premoderated or Private status, enable or disable certain affiliates.

  8. Choose between two options:

    • Click Add category, if you don't want to continue creating new smartlink categories.

    • Click Add and create next, if you want to save this category and create a new one.

  9. Go to Offers > a certain offer > Tracking.

  10. In the SmartLink categories drop-down list, select the smartlink category, which you want to add this particular offer in.

  11. Click Save.

Please contact the Affise Customer Support team regarding all raised questions via the e-mail: [email protected].

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