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Custom report on Affise is a pivot table: a flexible tool, which allows you to aggregate data according to several categories of information at once.

No matter what for you want to get your statistics: the number of clicks during some time period for the specified countries, the number of conversions in certain status with the currency, and so on. You can combine data in the way that allows you to get the needed details about your performance.

The Statistics section has the following slices:

Below you can find the description of the Custom slice.

⚠️ To see Statistics, you need certain permissions. Read more about it here.

Custom Statistics

You can use Custom statistics to view specific, detailed statistics by using certain filters for a certain timeframe:


  • 1: use any available filters to depict statistics for particular offers, affiliates, account managers, countries, etc.

  • 2: create a preset to work with statistics data faster.

    ⚠️ You cannot use the following symbols: ' " \ /

  • 3: use various checkboxes to depict only specific data in the report. The opportunity to check this or that checkbox depends on the relevant permission.

In the Options section, you can see the Non-zero conversions checkbox. Enable it if you need to depict only the clicks for which the conversions were made. The system doesn't show the clicks for which there are no conversions.

⚠️ The system filters the clicks data view by Date, Offer, and Affiliate only.

The system shows all selected checkboxes as columns in the table. For example, you selected the following checkboxes:

The table may look like that:

You can use API to get Custom Statistics. Read more about it here.

Data correlation

There is a correlation between checkboxes, for example:

eCPM becomes available after activation of:

  • Impressions

  • Revenue

There are inverse relations. If you deactivate the Impressions checkbox, the system deactivates the eCPM checkbox too.

🔎 When hovering over the non-active checkboxes, the hint appears. It describes which checkboxes you need to activate to make it active.


When working with Custom statistics, keep in mind the following peculiarities:

  • If you use the CPC / CPM types of payment, the eCPM formula is:

    1000 * revenue (for clicks/hosts)/impressions.

  • If you enable the Revenue, Earnings, Payouts checkboxes, you see the sum of money for conversions of all statuses, even if you additionally choose a checkbox that stands for a certain conversion status.

  • If you enable the Mobile ISP checkbox and see "Undefined" value in the column, it means the system didn't define the mobile operator. The click was made with the help of wi-fi. You can double check it by using the Connection type checkbox:

  • Sub account statistics is available for 28 days.

    The system presents sub accounts statistics by unique raw data. That's why the volume of the potentially depicted data can be extremely high. Once you created a report with sub accounts data, check the timeframe you try to view statistics for. Make sure it's less than 30 days. If your report is complex, split this period into smaller ones.

  • If you select the Clicks and Sub checkboxes at the same time, you can see this statistics for up to 45 days.

    If you want to filter data by CR, keep in mind the system counts CR for conversions with all statuses (Approved, Pending, Declined, Hold), not only with the approved one.

  • If you see blank strings when checking Statistics by countries, it means Affise could not define the country due to lack of data. There are two reasons for that:

    • an emulator was used when creating a click (bots).

    • a click was made from a private IP address. Private network addresses are not allocated to any specific organization. Anyone may use these addresses without approval from regional or local Internet registries.

Please contact the Affise Customer Support team regarding all raised questions via the e-mail: [email protected].

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