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Advanced events

The Advanced events report is designed to build customized event reports based on special metrics used for your industry, vertical or business type. It allows you to design custom reports according to your needs: cross-events ratio and rate reports, events comparison reports, conversion rate reports using multiple filters and metrics.

This report is extremely useful when using it together with the Event report. Affise recommends using it for gambling and e-commerce verticals.

πŸ’° The feature is available by request. Contact your Affise account manager to get it.

⚠️ Custom columns are available only for users with the General manager permissions.


To see the Advanced events slice, go to Statistics > Advanced events:


1: general filters for specifying the data you want to see statistics for.

2: the Add Column button. By clicking the button, you can see the list of customizable formulas:

  • Conversions amount

  • Conversions revenue

  • Conversions payout

  • Conversions earnings

  • Hosts

  • Clicks

  • Conversion rate

To start working with the needed formula, you should click on it in the metrics list.

3: the table with the added metrics.

After adding a certain metric, the system adds a metric column to the table. In this table:

  • When you change the Based on filter after adding the needed metric columns, the system recalculates the data in real time.

  • You can delete the metric column by double-clicking on the column title, or by clicking the Settings sign and the Delete column button.

  • You can show or hide certain metrics from affiliates, by using the Enable in affiliate panel checkbox.

⚠️ Keep in mind the following peculiarities:

  • Affise stores new custom columns in the browser local storage. You need to create a new column in case of cache clearing/device changing. The system stores the data in the custom columns across the current page only.

  • The system pulls goals from the list in Settings > Goals. Deleting the goal, which is a part of the formula, requires deleting the corresponding metric column in the Advanced events report. If the goal is deleted from the Goals list, the column can no longer pull it.

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