Set up pixel integration with affiliates
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Before you begin

Set up pixel integration

  1. On the offer preview page, click the Get tracking link button.

  2. In the Affiliate drop-down list, select an affiliate.

  3. Click Generate to create a click tracking link

  4. Share the link with your affiliate to get clicks.

  5. Your affiliate should share a pixel to get conversion info. If a pixel contains additional parameters, update it with Affise macros.

  6. Add a pixel to the Affise system.

    You can add an affiliate pixel to several places:

    a. In the Affiliate panel > Offers > a certain offer.

    When you add an affiliate pixel to the Affiliate panel, the pixel automatically appears in the Admin panel > Affiliates > Pixels management.

    You can always change the status of the pixel code on the affiliate edit page in the Admin panel.

    b. In the Admin panel > Affiliates > Affiliate Management > a certain affiliate.

    You need to fill in the following fields:

    • Active/Not active: set up as Active if you want this pixel to work right now. Not active means the system doesn't use pixel code in the integration process.

    • Pixel name: give a name to a pixel.

    • Offer: add the needed offer.

    • Type: select the type of a pixel.

    • Moderation status: set up as Approved if you want this pixel code to work. Rejected means you don't want this pixel code to work. Pending means you're still thinking about letting the pixel code work.

    • Code: insert an affiliate pixel.

The system sends an Affiliate pixel for conversions of all statuses.

⚠️ Make sure you integrate with your advertiser via JS or IFrame pixel. More info is here.

What to do next

Please contact the Affise Customer Support team regarding all raised questions via the e-mail: [email protected].

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