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When working with a referral program, you need to create billings for the main and referral affiliates. To create them correctly, you should follow a certain procedure. The system needs to get information about referral payments, the amount of money the referral affiliate earned, before creating a billing for the main one. To get details of affiliates' billings creation, read this article.

Before you begin

Create a referral billing

  1. Click the Billing section and select the Affiliates division.

  2. Generate the billing for the referral affiliate by using the first form.

    Read more about creating a billing here.

  3. Close the billing for the referral affiliate by changing the status to Completed.

  4. Generate the billing for the main affiliate.

The system adds the referral payments to the main affiliate billing automatically. If you have referral payments from different affiliates, you cannot view from whom exactly you get the referral payment. The system accumulates all referral payments in one line.

🔎 If the main affiliate doesn’t have paid conversions, it’s possible to generate the billing with the referral payments only.

Please contact the Affise Customer Support team regarding all raised questions via the e-mail: [email protected].

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