Affiliate referral program (admins)
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You can allow your affiliates to invite to Affise their friends, colleagues, or partners, who want to become affiliates, and encourage them to do so. It allows you to engage more people in your business. By inviting partners, affiliates get a percent of their referral affiliates' performance.

Referral program

The whole process looks like that:

  1. An affiliate gives the referral link to the partner.

  2. The partner fires the link and registers on Affise.

  3. You pay both the main and the referral affiliates for their work. The main one gets a percent of the referral affiliate's sum.

⚠️ Discern the difference between affiliates:

  • Main: an affiliate who invites a partner to Affise.

  • Referral: an affiliate who was invited by the main affiliate.

After referral program enabling, affiliates can find the referral links on their side to share it with the partners.

Once partners register on Affise via that link, you can see them in the affiliates list (Affiliates > Affiliate Management).

πŸ”Ž You can use another way to make an affiliate a referral one. Go to Affiliates > Affiliates management > select a certain affiliate > Edit affiliate. In the Referral partner field, specify the affiliate who will be the main affiliate for this particular one.

Referral percent

You can set the referral payment percent globally for all the affiliates or for one particular affiliate.

  • Globally: Settings > Affiliates > General > Referral payments (%):

Here you can set percent for all referral affiliates on the platform.

  • Individually: Affiliates > Affiliate Management > Edit affiliate > Referral percent:

⚠️ Keep in mind the following peculiarities:

  • The percent you set in the Referral percent field of the affiliate edit page is the percent for referral affiliates of this particular affiliate (not for this affiliate as a referral one). In the Referral partner field, you see the main affiliate (the affiliate who shared the referral link).

  • Referral payments/percent must be between 0 and 100.

  • The system counts referral payments of conversions with the Approved status only.

Referral billing creation

Read about referral billing creation here.

Referral statistics

You can check the referral statistics in Statistics > Referrals:


  • Referral: affiliate who joined your referral program using the referral link.

  • Affiliate: affiliate who shared the referral link.

  • Active: referral payments can be active (yes) and non-active (no). Read more about it here.

  • Status: payments of the main affiliate can be in three statuses (Payout, Pending, Paid). Read more about it here.

  • Count: number of conversions.

  • Referral payment: sum that you will pay to the affiliate according to referral payments percent.

  • Currency: the currency of referral payments.

  • Total amount: the amount of referral payments for affiliates (total referral payments).

Referral statistics on the Affiliate panel

Affiliates can check statistics on their referral affiliates on the Affiliate panels after you generate the billing for the referral affiliate. They can find more details about referral affiliate's ID, payment, currency, and date of registration.


What to do next

Please contact the Affise Customer Support team regarding all raised questions via the e-mail: [email protected].

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