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On Affise, you can contact your manager and get help from him with the help of the ticket system. You can ask to chat with a manager, or contact him directly on contacts, which he left for you.

The ticket system is a flexible tool, via which you can ask any questions regarding offers, payments, traffic, or something. Receive a response from your manager, watch the status of the ticket, including requests for connecting to an offer.

Your manager can initiate a ticket too. You will see a new ticket in the list with all other tickets.

Support and tickets

You can find the ticket system in the System section:


  • ID: the ticket ID in the system.

  • Created at: the date and time, when you or your manager initiated the ticket (sent the first message).

  • Updated at: the date and time of the last message sent by you or your manager.

  • Ticket title: the ticket's title.

  • Ticket type: the ticket's topic.

  • Answers: the number of messages received within a ticket. If you receive a new message, the system will mark this column.

  • Status: the ticket's status. You can continue replying in a ticket even if it has the Closed status.

If you want to send a new message within a ticket, click its title.

What to do next

Please contact the Affise Customer Support team regarding all raised questions via the e-mail: [email protected].

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