Applications list

Once you added your app, it appears in the applications list in Attribution > Applications.

In the Applications list, you can see the following columns:

  • App ID: ID of your app in the Affise system.

  • Application: your app name and logo.

  • OS: OS of your app.

  • Market: market of your app or the status if the app is not in the market. For example, Play market, Appstore, Not published, APK.

  • Store link: link to the published app.

  • Created: the date of the app creation.

  • Updated: the date of the app update.

  • Organic: number of organic installs of your app.

  • Non-organic: number of non-organic installs of your app.

  • Total: total number of installs of your app.

You can manage your table with the following options:

  • The zoom icon to manage table scaling.

  • The Edit columns button to manage the columns you want to see.

  • The Add new app button to add an application.

Application overview

When you click the app in the list, you can see the app information and work with the tabs.


Here you can see the detailed app info such as OS, store, version, App ID, etc.

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  • In the SDK secret key field, you have the key that your advertiser installs on their side.

  • You can select the Set as default application checkbox to make your app default. You get statistics for this app by default.

  • You can select the Enable probabilistic checkbox to work with probabilistic attribution.

Partner list

Here you can see the partners added to your app.

Also, you can add and delete partners from the list.

In the table, you can check the information on each partner: ID, partner name, type source, etc.

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Links list

Here you can see the list of your tracking links and the information about the partners related to these links.

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Facebook attribution

Here you can set up and see the data for Facebook attribution.

Your advertiser provides you with all the necessary IDs, token, and key.

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Facebook partners

Here you can see the list of partners connected to your Facebook integration.

Also, you can add partners and delete them from the list.

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Uninstall tracking

Here you can set up the tracking of app uninstalls.

To do this, insert the FCM server key taken from your advertiser.

Also, you can delete the key.

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See information about Anti-fraud.

What to do next

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