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An offer (a campaign) is a key and most used entity on Affise. Offer is a kit of settings, which allows you to inform affiliates about basic and advanced requirements to traffic, set up integration with advertisers and affiliates, set up restrictions and limits on traffic, and protect it with the security measures.

Affise allows creating as many offers as you want. It's crucial to set up an offer correctly, as it affects the work of other features on Affise. The system of offer statuses helps control the traffic flow. The system of privacy statuses is a flexible tool for control of affiliates' access to the offer. Targeting groups and payouts are the main tools for adjusting traffic for different sources and audiences.

Usually, an account manager sets up the offer. Affiliates on their panel have access to all needed information about an offer.

With the help of numerous and flexible settings, you can make your offer attractive for your affiliates, so they are motivated to send good quality traffic.

Offer page

You can find offers in the Offers section (read more about the Offer list here). By clicking the offer title, you can get to an offer preview page.


Here you see general information about the offer and can perform several actions.


  • 1: you can see the daily statistics on this offer.

  • 2: you can duplicate this offer - the system will create a new offer. In the Users Activity log, you see the note, which contains the ID of the initial offer.

    ⚠️ The following data won’t appear in a duplicate offer:

    • Offer schedule (in the duplicate offer it will be switched off).

    • Send email to active webmasters before stopping’ field.

    • Disabled/Enabled affiliates.

    • Secure postback code.

    • Affiliate postbacks.

  • 3: you can edit this offer.

  • 4: you can create a new offer.

  • 5: you can connect or disconnect affiliates from this offer. If you see the Enabled affiliates option unavailable, the offer has the Public privacy level.

  • 6: you can create a tracking link for your affiliate, including the opportunity to create a QR code.

  • 7: you can create the affiliate tracking link with the secure HTTPS connection.

  • 8: you can create the affiliate link specially for the integration test.

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