IO document
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IO document

IO document is an agreement between managers and affiliates. This function lets you attach the insertion order document as a sign of commitment to a specific offer between you and your affiliate.

You need to add the IO documents separately to each offer, and affiliates can see them on their affiliate's panels.

To manage IO document, go to Offers > a certain offer > General.

⚠️ You can add the document in PDF format only. The maximum size of the document is 100 MB.

Once you attach the IO document, the affiliate should sign it and reattached back when requesting the access to the offer Tracking URL.

You can review this request in the Ticketing system in the Tickets > Ticket list > Offer request.

The flow above is most commonly used for the offers in pre-moderation status, when an affiliate should request the access to the offer Tracking URL through the affiliate's panel on Affise. Even though you attached the IO document to the offer, all affiliates can run a public offer, while only enabled affiliates can get offer Tracking URL of a private one.

⚠️ If you delete the IO document, the affiliate can't receive it via a ticket when trying to get access to the offer with the pre-moderation privacy level. You can upload a new IO document at any time.

Please contact Affise Customer Support team regarding all raised questions via the e-mail: [email protected].

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