Advertiser registration
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To create advertisers in Affise, you can let them register on their own. The system adds their profiles automatically upon registration.

💰 The feature is available only for certain plans. Contact your Affise account manager to get the feature.

Advertiser registration

To enable this feature, go to Settings > Advertisers > Registration and select the Registration checkbox:

Once you select the checkbox, go to the Advertisers section and click Registration link. The system copies the link to the registration form to the clipboard.

The link's example:

If you use the custom domain, the link contains the custom domain.

You can share the link with the advertiser, who would like to have a profile in Affise. Once the advertiser follows the link, the system opens the registration page.


The advertiser fills in all the forms and clicks the Create account button.

The system adds this profile to the list of advertisers in the Admin panel and redirects the advertiser to the Sign in page.

⚠️ If the advertiser enters the email that another advertiser or user already uses, the system doesn't create the profile.

🔎 If you want to check what an advertiser actually sees, you can click the Sign in button.

You can see the date and time of the advertiser's registration in the Registered at column.

⚠️ If the Registration option was turned off before, the data in the Registered at column stands for the creation of the advertiser's profile manually by a user. The system shows date and time according to the time zone of the Admin panel.

Please contact the Affise Customer Support team regarding all raised questions via the e-mail: [email protected].

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