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The demand offers section contains all offers that participated in the sync process. Here you can find all details about the certain offer, including fully prepared offer tracking URL, offer ID on Affise, ID of the campaign responsible for this offer pulling to Affise, etc. You can also see whether the offer is valid or imported from the advertiser feed or not.

Demand offers list

In the Demand offers section, select the filter settings and click the Search button to see the necessary offers.

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  • Offer ID: ID of the offer on the advertiser side.

  • Title: title of the offer on the advertiser side. A green checkmark nearby means the offer is valid. A red cross means the offer is invalid and can't be pulled to Affise.

  • Network: demand source which this offer belongs to.

  • Imported from feed: whether the offer is imported from an advertiser's API feed or not.

  • Payment model: fixed or percent.

  • Payout: the sum of money for a conversion that is paid to you by the advertiser.

⚠️ When you create a new campaign, this payout figure is used to calculate payout percent, min and max payout for a campaign.

Invalid offers

Normally, an offer has the green checkmark (it is valid), and it is imported from feed. In this case, an offer is prepared to be pulled to Affise.

However, there are two cases when you can see another situation:

  1. Offer has the green checkbox, but it is not imported from the feed.

It means CPAPI didn't get the offer in the advertiser feed for the last two hours. The advertiser did not pass this offer via API.

⚠️ If the offer participated in the synchronization process before, but then disappeared from the advertiser feed, it gets Paused on Affise in two hours.

2. Offer has the red cross (it can be either imported from feed or not):

It means the offer is invalid. You can click it and see the error that identifies a certain error.

Possible errors are:

  • Currency is not valid: the payouts of the offer contain the currency, which is not active in your Affise account. You need to make it active (to turn it on). Read how to do this here.

  • Url cannot be blank: the advertiser did not pass the offer tracking URL or did it in the incorrect format.

  • Version is invalid: the advertiser passed such an OS version that does not exist actually (it has invalid numbers/symbols, etc.).

  • Several errors mean payouts are absent in the offer at all:

    • Revenue cannot be blank

    • The total cannot be blank

    • Currency cannot be blank

    • Type cannot be blank

An offer should have the following fields filled in to be considered as valid:

  • Title

  • Advertiser tracking URL

  • Payout (at least one)

  • Status

  • Currency (should meet the list of active currencies in the Admin panel on Affise)

Offer details

To get offer details, click the offer.


  • Export map:

    • Campaign ID: ID of the campaign responsible for pulling this offer to Affise. If you see several IDs there, it means several сampaigns pull the offer to Affise. This offer is duplicated on Affise and has different IDs.

    • Offer ID in Affise: the ID the offer has on Affise. If there's no ID, the offer wasn't pulled to Affise. If you see several IDs there, it means several campaigns pull the offer to Affise.

    • Deleted in Affise: date and time when CPAPI tried to pull the offer to Affise, but found out the offer was deleted. It is not the date and time of the actual offer deleting on Affise.

⚠️ If you delete the offer on Affise, it will never participate in the synchronization process within this campaign.

  • Updated At: date and time when CPAPI brought the offer from the advertiser to CPAPI last time.

  • Title: offer title.

  • Offer Id: offer ID in the source (on the advertiser's side).

  • Url: the offer tracking URL, which is fully prepared to be used under settings on the relevant demand source edit page.

  • Url Preview: usually a direct link to the landing page of the offer.

  • Impression Url: the offer impression destination link, which is fully prepared to be used under settings on the relevant demand source edit page.

  • Logo, Status, etc.: other usual offer settings.

🔎 At the bottom of the offer view page, you can see the Show original offer button. By clicking it, you can see the offer in a way, it looks like in the advertiser's feed by the moment CPAPI brought an offer from the advertiser to CPAPI last time.

cpapi.affise.comoffersindexSearch[offer_id]=&Search[title]=&Search[network_id]=&Search[status]=&page=4&per-page=100 2023-05-16 at 1.13.03 PM

If the offer participated in other campaigns, and it's not an active one, it's possible to click the Show inactive export map to see all previous export maps.


Please contact the Affise Customer Support team regarding all raised questions via the e-mail: [email protected].

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