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The list of Campaigns

Campaigns section contains the list of all created Campaigns. In this section, you can add a new Campaign, edit and delete existing Campaigns, see the details about certain Campaign.

The sources column is responsible for the number of sources connected to the Campaign. If you see 0 in this column, it means no whole sources are chosen for this particular Campaign, but some particular offers are selected.

❗ Once you've marked the Campaign as OFF, the offers of this Campaign that were pulled to Affise system previously will have the same settings and status that they had before the Campaign was disabled. The same thing is with Campaign deleting. See the guide on CPAPI Synchronization Process.

You may view Source details, edit Source settings, and delete it by clicking on one of these signs accordingly:

Campaign view page

If you click on the ‘Eye’ icon, you will get to the Campaign view page:

You may go to the Edit page by clicking on the ‘Update’ button.

Campaign view pages contain the following information:

  1. Settings in the Filters section

  2. Settings in the Default values section (Fieldset table)

  3. Settings in the Sync rules section

  4. The list of offers, selected for this Campaign.

Matched offers section is the list of offers, which match filter settings:

The columns are almost the same as the Demand offers section has

But with several exceptions:

Offer Status: offer status on Advertiser side

Updated At: date and time when the Campaign was saved last time.

Status in Affise: offer status in Affise. It can be ‘Active’, ‘Suspended’ (Paused), and ‘Stopped’ (Disabled) - all three variants mean the offer was pulled to Affise via this Campaign. ‘Not synced yet’ status might mean several things:

  • the offer was brought to CPAPI not long time ago, and CPAPI is in the process of its pulling to Affise;

  • some Smartlink is chosen in the Campaign, but there is no such a Smartlink in Affise anymore (it was deleted);

  • the offer is invalid (highlighted red). You can click on it and see the error that identifies a certain error.

Normally offer has the green tick (it is valid) and imported from feed - then it is prepared to be pulled to Affise. But there are two cases when you can see another situation:

  1. Offer has the green tick, but it is not imported from the feed:

It means CPAPI has not got the offer in the Advertiser's feed for the last 2 hours. The advertiser did not pass this offer via API.

❗ If the offer participated in sync process before, but then it disappeared from the Advertiser's feed, it will be paused in Affise in 2 hours.

2. Offer is highlighted red, it has a red cross (it can be imported from feed or not imported):

It means the offer is invalid. You can click on it and see the error that identifies a certain error.

Possible errors are:

  • Currency is not valid: the payouts of the offer contain the currency that is not active in your Affise account. You need to make it active (to turn it on). Follow this guide to do that.

  • Url cannot be blank: the Advertiser did not pass the offer tracking URL or did it in the incorrect format.

  • Version is invalid: the Advertiser passed such an OS version that does not exist actually (it has invalid numbers/symbols, etc.)

  • Several errors in a bunch. Means payouts are absent in the offer at all: Revenue cannot be blank, The total cannot be blank, Currency cannot be blank; Type cannot be blank

How to get offer details?

To get offer details, click on the offer. You will see the table:


  • Campaign ID: ID of the Campaign responsible for pulling this offer to Affise. If you see several IDs there, it means several Campaigns pull the offer to Affise. Thus it will be duplicated there and have different IDs.

  • Offer ID in Affise: the ID the offer has in Affise. If no ID is set up here - it means the offer has not been pulled to Affise yet. If you see several IDs there, it means several Campaigns pull the offer to Affise.

  • Deleted at: date and time when CPAPI tried to pull the offer to Affise but found out the offer was deleted. It is not the date/time of the actual offer deleting in Affise.

❗ If you delete the offer in Affise, it will never participate in sync process in frames of its Campaign.

  • Updated At: date and time when CPAPI brought the offer from the Advertiser to CPAPI last time.

  • Offer ID: Offer id on Advertiser side

  • Url: the offer tracking URL, which is fully prepared to be used under settings on the relevant Demand Source edit page.

  • Impression Url: the offer Impression Destination link, which is fully prepared to be used under settings on the relevant Demand Source edit page.

At the bottom of the Offer view page, click the 'Show original offer' button to see the offer in a way it looks in the Advertiser's feed by the moment CPAPI brought an offer from the Advertiser to CPAPI last time.

__cpapi.affise.com_offers_index_Search_5Boffer_id_5D=&Search_5Btitle_.. 2022-02-28 at 12.29.41 PM

If the offer participated in other campaigns and it's not an active one, it's possible to click the 'Show inactive export map' to see all previous export maps.

[SPD-1797] To update CPAPI doc - Jira - Google Chrome 2022-02-28 at 12.21.23 PM

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Should you need further assistance on the CPAPI campaign setup, please, contact the Support Team via [email protected] or your Dedicated Account Manager.

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