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Tipalti is a reliable global partner payment automation system which is now available for all Affise clients. Tipalti’s solution transforms your payment process into a lean financial operation that scales rapidly and working smarter just in a few clicks.

What should I start with?

If you’d like to start using Tipalti, you should contact Tipalti Team directly to get your account.

Once your Tipalti account is created, it can be integrated with your Affise platform.

To get integrated with Tipalti, all you need is:

  1. Login your Tipalti account.

  2. Go to the ‘Administration’ section and press on the ‘Integrations’.

  3. Find ‘API keys’ information and take your ‘Master key’:

Switch to your Affise platform where you’ll need to:

  1. Find Tipalti plugin in Marketplace section and press on it:

  2. Fill in all the fields requested:

  • Enable: turn on ‘Enable’ checkbox to start integration with Tipalti plugin

  • Payer name: fill in Payer’s Name

  • API key: place API key you’ve generated earlier in your Tipalti account under ‘Master Key’ field

  • Payment term id - Id from the list of payment terms in Tipalti system: Administration - > Bill settings - > Bill payment settings

Now you’re ready to proceed with payment (-s) generation right from your Affise platform!

How should affiliates get authorized in Tipalti?

Once you’re successfully integrated with Tipalti and ready to proceed with the payments to your Affiliates, follow the steps below:

1. Each Affiliate will be able to get registered in Tipalti: Affiliate’s Tipalti account can be created while logging in Affiliate’s panel -> Profile -> Tipalti - > Create Tipalti profile:


2. Once pressing on the ‘Create Tipalti profile’ button, Affiliate will see that Affiliate’s profile is successfully created, and payment details should be specified. For this purpose, press on the ‘Specify payment details’ button:

3. As a result, the Affiliate will be redirected to his own Tipalti’s profile where he needs to specify all the requested details:

❗ Affiliate’s profile on Tipalti’s side can be updated once it’s needed. For this purpose, Affiliate should press on the ‘Specify payment details’ button in his Affise affiliate’s profile and update the data.

When all the steps described above are done, the affiliate is successfully authorized in Tipalti, Affise client can further generate payments.

How should I send payments to Tipalti?

To make a payment to your Affiliate (-s), Affise client needs to:

1. Go to your Affise platform and find ‘Billing’ section - > choose ‘Affiliates’

2. Generate a payment for a specific affiliate (-s) for a chosen timeframe and check the generated payment:

3. Send the payment(-s) checked to Tipalti by pressing on the ‘Submit to Tipalti’ button.

Your payments are successfully sent to Tipalti and awaiting for Tipalti’s response!

What is next?

In your Tipalti account, you’ll be able to check the payments that have been sent there earlier from your Affise platform. This can be done once reaching the Payments section - > Payment history:

When payment has reached Tipalti, it should be approved or declined by a user with ‘payment approval’ rights.

It can also be approved automatically: for this purpose, Affise client should submit a related request to Tipalti Support Team via [email protected].

At this moment payment’s statuses can be updated to the following in your Affise platform:

Sent to Tipalti: ‘sent to Tipalti’ status means that the affiliate’s payment has been sent to Tipalti and awaits for Tipalti response. This status appears once the 'Submit to Tipalti' button is used.

Waiting payment Tipalti: ‘waiting payment Tipalti’ status means that the affiliate’s payment has been sent to the bank and awaits for the bank’s response. This status appears once the payment has 'Pending Funds' or 'Submitted' status in Tipalti.

Completed: ‘completed’ status means that the bank has successfully processed the affiliate’s payment. This status appears once the payment has 'Paid' status in Tipalti.

Declined: ‘declined’ status means that affiliate’s payment has been declined due to some reason which will be marked additionally in a “Note’ field on the Affise side. This status appears once the payment has 'Canceled', 'Cleared', or 'Deferred' status in Tipalti.

Reasons for payment’s rejection can be different and caused by various reasons: incorrect payment details, lack of payment method, lack of the needed sum on Tipalti’s balance, etc.

❗ On the Affise side, payment statuses are correlated with Tipalti’s ones every hour and updated if needed.

In Tipalti payment’s statuses can also be different due to other specific reasons:

You can read more about Tipalti’s payment statuses and what they stand for in the related guide.

Tipalti Payment Methods Coverage

Tipalti support 30 funding currencies:

Find out Tipalti payment methods coverage here.

If the Affiliate's profile indicates an unauthorized country (e.g., Cuba), Affiliate will have a message "Create Tipalti profile failed" when creating the Tipalti profile:

Should you have any further doubts or additional questions on Affise<>Tipalti integration, feel free to contact:

Tipalti Support Team via [email protected]

Affise Support Team via [email protected] or your dedicated Account Manager.

If you are interested in using Tipalti<>Affise integration, please contact the dedicated Sales manager from Tipalti side to open an account:

Zach Svendsen via [email protected]

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