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Affise mobile measurement partner or Affise MMP is a tool embedded into Affise Performance. It aligns mobile app attribution with your business’ bottom line. It also helps understand the customer lifecycle from beginning to end and encourage loyalty. With Affise MMP you can measure data easily while respecting privacy and maximizing revenue.

You can view Affise MMP statistics in your Affiliate panel to track and improve your performance and metrics.

In the Affiliate panel, you can find the data about Affise Attribution in the Mobile Attribution > Overview. It contains the detailed information about applications. You can filter the data by the period and applications to get the following table:


  • Impressions: the number of impressions for the selected period.

  • Clicks: the number of clicks for the selected period.

  • Installs: the number of installs for the selected period.

  • CR: Conversion Rate (installs/touch points (clicks and impressions) * 100%).

  • Sessions: the number of users' sessions for the selected period.

  • Loyal users/Installs:

    • Value 1: the number of users with more than three sessions.

    • Value 2: the rate of loyal users/installs *100%.

  • Cost: total user acquisition costs (installs * CPI).

  • Revenue: total revenue from the users.

  • ROI: Return on Investment (revenue - cost / cost *100%).

🔎 Read how to work with the Affiliate Panel for Affise Performance here.

Please contact the Affise Customer Support team regarding all raised questions via the e-mail: [email protected].

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