Impressions tracking (admins)
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Impressions tracking

An impression is the first user's interaction with an advertisement. Impression happens when a user sees an ad on the webpage. A click means that a user has clicked an ad to reach the page with entities advertised. This makes a difference between an impression and a click.

In mobile advertising, it is possible to track conversions based on impressions via view-through attribution (VTA). The system generates a conversion when someone sees an ad (banner) for the product and then makes a purchase either by going directly to the advertiser’s website or by doing an organic search separately.

Impressions tracking is a valuable metric that can be used to measure the campaign performance more effectively.

Affise allows tracking impressions on the offer level by using:

  • a pixel: if the webpage to collect impressions belongs to your affiliate.

  • an impressions link: if the webpage to collect impressions belongs to the affiliate of your affiliate.

On Affise, you can have basic impressions tracking. You set up integration with your affiliate only and get impression info from them.

To set up full-cycle impressions tracking, you need to get impressions from your affiliate, pass impressions to your advertiser, and track conversions based on impressions.

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