Impressions tracking (affiliates)
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Impressions tracking

An impression is the very first action, which an end-user does with an advertisement: view it. When the end-user click the advertisement, he makes a click. This is a difference between an impression and a click: the end-user basically doesn't make any physical action with an advertisement in case of an impression.

Impressions tracking is a valuable metric that can be used to measure the campaign performance more effectively.

On Affise, you can track impressions and pass it to the advertiser via:

  • an impression pixel: if you can record impressions directly from the webpage, where the advertisement is located.

  • an impression link: if you have your affiliates, who should firstly pass information about impressions to you.

⚠️ On your platform, you can find only the impression pixel. If you need the impression link, ask your account manager.

Impressions pixel

You can find the impression tracking pixel here: Offers > All > a certain offer.

The pixel looks like:

<img src="" height="1" width="1" alt="" />

You can update both pixel and link with the additional Affise parameters and your own macros.

Please contact the Affise Customer Support team regarding all raised questions via the e-mail: [email protected].

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