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When you set up integrations and tracking, you can face the issues that lead to integration failures. This guide describes the common integration issues and their solutions.

Impressions tracking

1. When you get an impression-based conversion, you can see the Missing mandatory parameter clickid/click_id or ref_id or aimp_id error in Statistics > Server postbacks.

To solve the issue, your advertiser should pass the mandatory aimp_id parameter via the postback link.

🔎 See the guide on impressions tracking here.

2. When you get an impression-based conversion, you can see the Broken impression ID error in Statistics > Server postbacks.

To solve the issue, address your advertiser to check the impression ID value. If you have such an error, it means your advertiser passed the wrong impression ID to Affise.

Clicks tracking

You get a tracking URL from your advertiser that looks like this:

The link doesn't work correctly, and you can't set up tracking.

The issue is URL encoding. Since URLs often contain characters outside the ASCII set, the URL needs to be converted into a valid ASCII format. URL encoding replaces unsafe ASCII characters with a "%" followed by two hexadecimal digits.

To solve the issue, decode the link. You can use any public tool for URL decoding, for example, .

  1. Insert the encoded link into the field.

    URL Decode and Encode - Online - Google Chrome 2022-09-20 at 5.35.34 PM

  2. Click the Decode button to see the decoded link.

    URL Decode and Encode - Online - Google Chrome 2022-09-20 at 5.37.29 PM

  3. Place the decoded tracking URL in Offers > a certain offer > Tracking > Tracking URL.

Conversions tracking

Postback integration

For each goal or event you want to track, there should be a separate postback URL set up on your advertiser's side.

For example, if you have three payouts with three goals in one offer, there should be three postback URLs in your advertiser's system.

⚠️ Your advertiser needs to pass the goal value (created on Affise) in the postback, not the goal title.{clickid}&goal=goal_value 

🔎 Read more about goal tracking here.

Pixel integration

There can be some issues when you receive a pixel at the Affise end.

In Statistics > Server postbacks, these issues are located in the Response column.

  • You received the pixel with the Missing mandatory parameters clickid/click_id or ref_id or aimp_id error.

    See the reasons for such an error:

    • The chain of redirects wasn't initiated by the Affise tracking link. The Affise link should be used to reach the success page.

    • Redirection was made in the incognito mode.

    • The advertiser's site doesn't support the actual pixel type properly.

    • The tracking link in the pixel code does not match the one used to initiate the chain. Check the domain used in the Affise tracking link and the one placed in pixel code: they should be the same.

    • HTTP tracking domain is used instead of HTTPS.

  • You received the pixel with the Access denied error.

    Reasons for such an error can be the following:

    • Secure postback code was generated on Affise, but was not passed in the pixel by implementing the parameter afsecure=secure_postback_code.

    • Secure postback code was generated on Affise, but passed in the pixel with mistakes. The password on Affise and the passed password are different.

    • Secure postback code is absent on Affise, but it was passed in the pixel.

  • You received the pixel with the Access denied: wrong offer_id error.

    • The error can happen due to the following situation:

      • A user clicked a tracking URL of Offer A (click information was saved in a cookie on the Affise side) and reached the offer landing page.

      • The same user opened the Offer B landing page without completing the whole redirection flow as in the first case and performed a target action (a conversion).

      • The conversion could have been recorded for Offer A.

        Due to the offer_id parameter validation you have in the Affise pixel code, the system understands that a click and a conversion were performed for different offers. That's why the error occurs.

    • If you see this error, click the data recorded in your postback logs under the Postback parameters column. Find the source parameter and check from which landing page a conversion was made. This information can help you understand why such conversion flow takes place for particular offers.

  • You didn't receive the pixel.

    Reasons can be the following:

    • Pixel code was not implemented on the advertiser’s page.

    • There is some error at the moment of the pixel firing attempt.

Please contact the Affise Customer Support team regarding all raised questions via the e-mail: [email protected].

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