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How to start working with Forensiq?

To start using the Forensiq, you need to contact the Forensiq Team firstly to get your credentials.

To enable the plugin on the Affise platform, you should go this way: 'Marketplace' section - > 'Forensiq' plugin and put your Tracker Public ID to the specified field:

Tracker Public ID is taken in the Settings section located in your Forensiq account.

How to set up Forensiq in Affise?

You can find the 24Metrics FraudShield settings here: 'Admin Panel' - > 'Marketplace' section - > 'Forensiq' plugin:


  • Enable - activates the Forensiq plugin

  • Tracker Public ID - your token at Forensiq side

  • Send All Conversions - allows every conversion to be sent to Forensiq for the whole instance. Once it is enabled, the following depiction is appeared in 'Offers' section - > 'Offer edit' page - > '3rd-party' tab - > 'Forensiq':

Edit offer _ Rocketcompany - Google Chrome 2022-04-12 at 2.43.07 PM

If the option "Send All Conversions" (in the plugin page) isn't ticked, there is an opportunity to send conversions registered only for the specific offer. In order to do that it is needed to enable the following option in 'Offers' section - > 'Offer edit' page - > '3rd-party' tab - > 'Forensiq':

Once the plugin is enabled in Affise, and the integration is allowed at the Forensiq side, the data is sent to Forensiq for fraud analyses, and the results could be checked at the Forensiq side.

Should you have any further doubts or additional questions on Affise<>Forensiq integration, feel free to contact either the Forensiq team or Affise team via [email protected]

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