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FraudScore evaluates the quality and consistency of mobile traffic in advertising campaigns (CPC, CPI, CPA, etc.). It helps investigate issues with low-quality traffic, reporting an independent expert. It evaluates traffic in many dimensions by considering mobile-specific parameters: emulators, install-bot farms, device-spoofing, proxy unmasking, etc.

You can use Tipalti with the Affise statistics (the FraudScore slice). Read more about it here.

Integration with FraudScore

To use the FraudScore plugin on Affise, register via this link by doing the following:

  1. Set your personal information.

  2. Confirm the registration via an email.

  3. Add information about your company, or any other additional information.

⚠️ The FraudScore team checks each registration until the approval. The client has no access to the account.

Once FraudScore manager approves your registration, you have two options:

  • Trial period - one free month (you can discuss it with the FraudScore manager).

  • Purchasing one of these plans to use the system on a paid basis.

When you registered and chose the plan, you can select the type of integration: Postback or API.

Postback integration

Postback integration means getting all the data from the Affise system via the postback. To set up postback integration with FraudScore, follow the steps below:

  1. On the FraudScore side, go to Company settings > Integrations to get your Postback API key.

  2. In the Admin panel, click Marketplace and select FraudScore.

  3. Select the Enable checkbox to use this plugin.

  4. Insert the key into the Fraudscore API key field.

    FraudScore API key is used for the client identification for each sent postback.

  5. Enable the Send All Conversions checkbox to allow the system to send all conversions to the FraudScore system by default.

    🔎 You can also use the plugin optionally. To do it, go to Offers > a certain offer > 3RD-PARTY and enable the FraudScore checkbox.

  6. Click Save.

After enabling the plugin, you can see the first report in the FraudScore system in 30 minutes.

API integration

API type of integration is a unique service for getting all the data for further analysis. This is a more perspective solution for integration, rather than a postback. To set up API integration with FraudScore, follow the steps below:

  1. To take your API URL, go to Settings > Tracking domains > Default URL's.

  2. Go to Users > User management and select the General manager to take an API key. API keys of other types of users can lead to integration failure, because not all users have needed permissions to access data on the Admin panel.

    🔎 By default, only the General Manager has access to the Users and Settings sections.

  3. Place the API URL and API key in your FraudScore account using the instruction.

    🔎 By default, there is a filter to get conversions. All Affise clients get conversions only with the goal_value1. To have other conversions allowed, contact your FraudScore manager.

Smart Reject

Smart-reject is an extension of the API integration. This is the additional option you can use (discuss it with your FraudScore manager). You can set the allowed level of fraud. If the level is higher than needed, the system automatically rejects the conversions via Affise API.

Use the instruction to set up a Smart Reject.


All the data related to the analyzed traffic you can see only in the FraudScore system.

In the report section, you can find all the data (general and detailed).

Each FraudScore client has the API access to all the data, so that it could be passed back to the Affise system and shown in Statistics.

The FraudScore tab appears in the Statistics section once you enable the integration.

On this page, you can set the rules for automatic notifications about fraud conversions.

Please contact the FraudScore team or Affise Customer Support team regarding all raised questions via the e-mail: [email protected].

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