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Partners list

All partners you add appear in the partners list in Attribution > Partners.

In the Partners list, you can see the following columns:

  • ID: ID of the partner in the Affise system.

  • Partner: the name of the partner.

  • Tracking URL: all tracking URLs related to the partner from all the applications in the MMP system. These tracking URLs are the links you set up on a partner page. (Applications > a certain application > Partners > a certain partner). Read more about setting up tracking links.

  • Source type: the source of traffic the partner uses.

  • Re-attribution: shows if re-attribution is enabled or disabled.

  • Postback URL: postback URL of the partner.

You can manage your table with the following options:

  • The zoom icon to manage table scaling.

  • The Add new partner button to add a partner.

What to do next

Please contact the Affise Customer Support team regarding all raised questions via the e-mail: [email protected].

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