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API 3.1 documentation overview (affiliates)
API 3.1 documentation overview (affiliates)
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API documentation

Affise API documentation allows you to work with the affiliate panel via API.

The documentation provides all the necessary data to make correct requests and get the data back.

In a method, you can see:


  • 1: The API method and the path to be added to your API request.

  • 2: The list of parameters available for a method. Some of them are required.

  • 3: Type of data for the parameter.

  • 4: If relevant, available and default data or formats that you should use.

  • 5: In the description, you can find additional information about the parameter: what it is in charge of, whether it is required or not, and so on.

In the right pane, you see the response:


  • 1: the cURL request, which you can copy, adjust and use in the API tools, such as Postman or Insomnia.

  • 2: the example of the response for a particular method. Here you can see how the system depicts the data.

You can use the dedicated document with status codes. This can help you understand the global errors in your API responses.

Please contact the Affise Customer Support team regarding all raised questions via the e-mail: [email protected].

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