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Before you begin

FuseClick Tracking URL

Set up the FuseClick tracking URL to send information about clicks to FuseClick.

  1. Add the FuseClick aff_click_id and sub_affid parameters, and Affise {clickid} and {pid} macros to the FuseClick Tracking URL.

    🔎 Find the list of FuseClick parameters here and Affise macros here.

  2. In Offers > a certain offer > Tracking, put the updated tracking URL into the Tracking URL field.

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    Tracking URL example:{clickid}&sub_affid={pid}

Affise Postback URL

Set up your postback URL to get information about conversions from FuseClick.

  1. In Offers > a certain offer > Postabcks, get a sample postback URL.

  2. Update your postback with the clickid parameter and {aff_click_id} macro.

    🔎 Find the list of ClickFuse macros here and Affise parameters here.

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Affise Postback URL example:{aff_click_id}

Please contact the Affise Customer Support team regarding all raised questions via the e-mail: [email protected].

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