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To add HasOffers (TUNE) as the CPAPI source, you need to:

1) Click on Demand source > New Demand source:

2) Use Search to choose the HasOffers network type:

3) Fill in the fields with API credentials. All Affise macros are available under Show macros, to get accurate HasOffers Network parameters list, please, contact their support team.

Check the option 'Without "targeting" requests' to exclude GEO targeting from the processes of offers transfer and settings sync.

Check the option 'Require Approval' to include only approved by a manager offers in the feed and their further sync.

Check the option 'Accept Terms and Conditions' to ensure the tracking link is present in the fetched from the source offers. As at Tune (formerly HasOffers), there's a condition to depict tracking links in the offers after accepting their Terms and Conditions.

Please check this guide to get more information from Tune (HasOffers) side.

4) After successfully adding the new source, you would see the Ready status of the source.

Your next step would be Creating a Campaign. Please follow these instructions:

Should you need any further assistance regarding CPAPI, please, contact [email protected].

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