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Affise is integrated with Affilitest: smart affiliate tracking links validate a system that gives both advertiser and publisher the option to check the landing page of their tracking links to avoid sending traffic to broken links.

How to set up Affilitest in Affise?

To enable the plugin at Affise platform navigate in 'Marketplace' section - > 'Affiliatest' plugin and put your credentials to the specified fields:


  • Enable - activates the Affilitest plugin

  • Login - your login details at Affilitest.

  • Password - your password at Affilitest.

  • Partners for track URL testing - the Affiliate id whose link is used for the tests.

  • Check all offers - the option which sends all the available offers to Affilitest.

  • Checking period (Hour) - the frequency of the requests to Affilitest.

How does it work?

Obligatory conditions of the offer to be sent to Affilitest:

  1. An offer should have Active status

  2. Affiliate which is chosen for test purposes at the setting should be connected to the offer

  3. GEO for the test is taken from the payment settings ('Offers' section - > 'Offer edit' page - > 'Payouts' tab) you have at the offer or if there are no countries listed in the US will be used by default.

  4. The CPI checkbox should be matched ('Offers' section - > 'Offer edit' page - > 'General' tab):

5. Preview URL should be filled ('Offers' section - > 'Offer edit' page - > 'Tracking' tab):

The period of redirect checking could take some time. For example, if the selected period = 6 hours and the full verification took more time (for example, 8 hours) - than the next synchronization will start in 4 hours.

All the stats and results for Affilitest you can get in 'Statistics' section - > 'Affiliatest' slice:

You can see the progress in real-time and download the results of the export in .csv file once it is finished.


  • Created at/finished at - the time when the test began and ended

  • Offers chosen - the number of offers selected for the Affilitest validate the system.

  • Available for tests - the offers which suit the criteria for affilitest.

  • Tested - the number of tested offers at the moment.

  • Broken links - Invalid links lead the user to the page, different from the expected one.

  • Status - the test status

  • Report - download the .csv file report

If you have any further doubts or additional questions on the Affise<>Affilitest integration, feel free to contact the Affilitest Team.

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